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Mibbit is a Web based IRC chat with hundreds of IRC servers and thousands of Users online from 
all over the world. Simply click on "Launch Mibbit WebChat"







You may need to wait for few moments in order to load the flash chat applet. Sometimes it takes more than a minute or two







Once the panel is loaded successfully. You may choose among the list of IRC servers or select the default Mibbit webirc.






When everything is set up, enter you nickname and the channel name to join and click "Go". You may also use additional options like Auth, Charset and manually add  a Server address if it is not listed on the dropdown list. Finding channels with the search option is very useful if you don't know the exact channel name, simply enter your desired keyword and it will  show all the channels containing that keyword. For example, searching the word "teen" will bring results like #allteens,  #teen, #teen-chat, #usa-teen etc.







On successful connection with your selected IRC server, 2 or more tabs will appear on the chat window. If the channel window is not at front use your cursor to do it so.


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