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Register for a new account or Sign in with your other social network accounts, i.e 
Facebook, Gmail, MySpace, Yahoo, Windows Live, Twitter etc. 







After successful login, enter Habbo hotel to start Chatting with full of fun animations







Please be patient as It takes a  few minutes to load the full applications with all the powerful options: 







Your room is your first place at Habbo hotel. You can decorate it with showpieces and furniture. A small square appears wherever you move mouse cursor, clicking on it will instruct your avatar to walk over there.







You may go to any place at hotel, there are hundreds of public rooms, lobbies and private places. You may just wander around,  talk to your roommates or just explore the place for new items.







There are lots of cool animations and gestures. Make your avatar dance, wave hands, get closer to people,  ask them to become a friends.


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