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#india 211spend sometime here and get to know what is all are talking about. chatting in main or private. please do not abuse the chatroom
#India 74it is good practice to start with a sensible and humorous chatting line to get the attention of other person.
#TeenConnection 64respect others and don't give out your personal info or you may regret later, this is not cyber, ages 16 and above
#Bharat 45register nick for a better chatting experience. report a bad behavior from anyone, tell the channel operator
#Mumbai 29people say nothing in life is free. they are wrong as now you are chatting here for free of cost. love u guys
#indiahelp 28why people kept asking questions they already know the answer?
#webindia 28always keep an eye on the chatting terms, they keep changing after sometime. give respect to get the same. wishing you healthy life
#delhi 20hello, be nice but can get a bit naughty if others are pleasing. spreading love and happiness is obviously the best way to get satisfied yourself.
#hindustan 18now the channel supports translations from or to many languages while in chat. hope you would find this extra feature interesting and appealing
#India.FM 17have you tried other chat services like gmail, msn, aol, yahoo, twitter, myspace, facebook? if yes lets share with us all
#novell-india 15people keep changing their nicks. may be they are right as sometimes anonymous plays a key role, sharing things that you can never if you get caught
#indiatrivia 15christian, muslim, buddhist or jew? anyone can join if are ready to listen to others too. please peace and respect all.
#IndiaHelp 14cyber chatting is getting popularity day by day. why people like to chatting or why do they replies on forum. what's the truth behind.
#IndiaHelp 14mom says never talk to stranger. so be careful and do not peeping around unless you have something to discuss about
#indians 12chit chatting right away right now, simple but powerful. please stick to the topic. if you want to talk about anything else PM someone
#indiagaming 12chatting on main window or 1to1 chat. its easy and fun. lots of options available to power up you chatting experience
#indiahitz 12the top tagged chatting for all. the topic is yet to set. if have you got any good subject in mind share with us.
#Pune 11family friendly chatting for all. have any question? do not hesitate to ask. we are here to have some good time online
#travian.in 11spend sometime here and get to know what is all are talking about. chatting in main or private. please do not abuse the chatroom
#mauritius 11think before what you say, insulting, abusing or bad words would not be ignored. easy place for all and our operators are here to support.
#AHF.public 10respect and get respected. no flooding is allowed. do not try to flood the channel as its useless. you be kicked out
#Game 9yes the channel name is the channel topic. you should get the idea what can be discussed here and what not. be nice
#indian2020 9come to the right place. have a wonderful time here. no worries, we are here to lift you up. 
#nanbaa 9confused, stuck or do not know where to start? be patient and we would get back to you.
#eIndia 8simple and amazing chatting for all. all are greet and have a look to our new channel. please do not harass others as you get what you give
#indiamuslim 8we have no problem with nickname but be responsible. if you like you can change your nickname to whatever you like
#Bengaluru 8here is new and easy chatting interface. do let us know if you find problem using any of the features and commands
#Mumbai 8notice command is active now. A notice is used to send a short message to another person without opening up a private window
#SanSad 7while on our chatting room, clears the entire scroll back buffer time to time as it can increase lag to you chatting 
#Mumbai 7avoid using ping on this channel's users. it would slow you and others down dramatically
#SanSad 7before start chats or sending any command please give a look to the topic as it would solve lots of problems
#SanSad 7our channel now support dcc chat. enjoy talking with others without being on the channel. it is fun, isn't it?
#Mumbai 7we hope you have a great time chatting here. no abuse, no dirty words, no calling name or you would banned forever
#indian 6say hello to our new ops, they are nice and supportive, ask anything nicely.
#lintas 6sometimes not making a move is the best possible move. think twice before what you say here.
#india.fm 5we try our best to support you in any way possible. please be patient and ask or chatting anything politely.
#Hyderabad 5if you are here for the very first time. it would take sometimes for you to get use to the room. do not worry be happy
#indiafm 5for the reminder try command add. it is a useful and loads commands, aliases, pop-ups, users, and events
#Indians 5kicks are common here as we have a zero tolerance in our channel. wishing you good luck
#eAHF 5make others happy by using fun quotes and chatting up lines. make your chatting remember able
#IAF 5have questions in mind what, when, where, how. no problem here you can find answers from our generous members
#india_forex 4if you find no chatting on main channel window, do not alarmed, it is normal. chatting in private or wait for few minutes for others to greet you
#indian-delights 4clean chatting please, be nice to others. we hope you to have a wonderful experience staying here.
#IU 4if you are a new user, we greet you from our hearts. if old, greet back as old is gold
#indiangaming 4looking for some easy chat, you came to the right place. always check the topic to get an idea what's going on
#isai 4whether you are newbie, pro or expert, you would find this channel useful. get help and help others
#indianmuslim 4no more wait, start chatting right now, the main channel is open now for general chat
#india-trivia 4hello all boys, girls, younger, older, black, white, single, married, dad, mama, bro, sis, husband, wife. accept greetings from us.
#gnome-india 4sometimes you can find this room so laggy, do not panic just stop doing anything on the client and you would be find in a moment.
#india 4if you are looking for a webcam, video or audio chatting then you would be disappointed. we had to disable this feature as people were abusing the system
#india 3fun and easy text chatting for any age. this is not the psychic chatting room. if this is the case go somewhere else
#india 3in depression or good mood. you can join this channel anytime. at work or at home. its fun anytime any day 24/7
#india 3our room is like a facebook chat. most of the users know each other well. we appreciate your part of it
#indiancrew 3have any thing to say? count your voice and opinion. all members and ops are here to listen to your thoughts and suggestions
#genius 3dont go for the channel name. if your stupid no problem. just kidding
#WebIndia 3all about india web. new channel but worth visiting. stay for a while and let know who you really are
#Indiahitz 3talk about movies, music, fun, sports, fashion, games, love, hate. anything you like or dislike
#eindians 3nice to know you are here. some operators are invisible here. so are you scared?