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Free Chat Please allow some time to load the Java chat applet below. Chat as a guest or register your nickname, the default channel is Trivia but you may also join other channels that
interest you or create your own. Click Online Chat Help if you need assistance regarding registration and management of nickname and channels.

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This chat application requires Java plugin.

You may install Java from:


Brief information on Chat Buttons and Commands:
Displays the chat you are currently involved in. A few basic commands you can use are:
/nick newname Change your the chat nick you are using

/join #newroom Create a new chat room or join a room that already exists

/action message Sends a message like mynick *jumps

/whois nick Shows you information about the nickname

/topic new topic Changes the topic (if allowed)

/list Updates the room list
Displays chat rooms that are currently available, the topic for the room (if any), and the number of users online. Just double click on the Channel to join. You can also filter the room list e.g: /list *google* will show only rooms with google in the name.
Displays your chat rooms session settings. You can change many of your settings even you have started chatting. You can't change your email once you've signed in
Puts the Chat applet in it's own window which can be resized so you can continue to surf as you chat. You can change it back to its original place by pressing it again